Use QuickBooks Funding App to Survive Cash Crisis

Cash crisis is one of the most challenging phases of any business. It takes a lot for the business and its owner to survive through this situation and come out of it. Crisis can be because of many situations like longer debtor cycle, increasing needs of business or volatile sales. The best way of getting out of cash crisis is opting for invoice factoring, business line of credit etc. To ensure that requests for factoring and credit are filled in correctly and the same gets approved business application is a must to use.

Business applications to use

There is various business applications in the market connecting which business situation can be improved. One of the most preferred names is QuickBooks online. Users can make use of BlueVine, Fundbox and also Quickbooks Financing for easing and regulating the process. Once the download of application has been completed, app is going to use the data to analyze and comment if business is qualified for financing or not. If in case the app is offering you multiple funding options, it will also guide you to the most appropriate one enabling you to take a perfect decision.

How to get started?

Before you proceed ahead with the use of business app it is important to have a QuickBooks online account that is active and also has your up-to date data. The business should meet the criteria of provider after all it is the provider who is going to underwrite your business. Before opting for any product or solution it is highly recommended to get well versed with it. Reviewing all the options is the only way in which right things can be opted.

About BlueVine

It offers business with two options i.e. factoring and credit lines. With the help of this app, business is able to receive 85% of payment immediately even when the client has not paid. The remaining amount after deducting BlueVine fees is deposited in the business account once client clears the payment. The best part about using BlueVine is, it sets up a P.O. box in your name, so the money is transferred to your account itself without making the world aware that he is paying to a third party. Credit of up-to USD 100,000 is offered in equal monthly and weekly installments.


It offers simple line of credit using which business can meet day to day funding requirements and grow. Once you get connected to Fundbox using QuickBooks account, a funding decision is presented to you, you accept it and next business day amount gets credited to your account. Business need not have to be a FICO score to apply. Once the request gets approved, complete invoice gets listed for the user to choose from and take advance against it.

QuickBooks Financing application

It is one of the smartest financing options which provider’s funds using loans, invoice factoring, credit etc. Once you log on to the application, different funding options to which you are eligible gets listed. With the help of QuickBooks different rates can be easily compared and then the most feasible and affordable one can be easily chosen. This is not all; the application also provides its user with the information about lenders. This further makes the process of choosing simplified and enable business houses take the right decision.


Above mentioned applications are the best business applications available in the market. Every business owner should opt for an application as per their use and requirement. Using this, shortage of cash can be easily met and daily requirements can be fulfilled without any ado or failure. For more information contact QuickBooks Support and get QuickBooks Support & service for all QuickBooks problems.

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