QuickBooks Error -6073, -99001 QuickBooks Couldn’t Open Company File

The 2010 Pro or Enterprise versions of the New QuickBooks consist many advanced features. Still, many users get certain error messages while using these versions. The users have experienced various issues with different error codes. QuickBooks has provided solutions for all error codes. You can either follow the procedure to eliminate the error or speak to a representative from the QuickBooks Support to solve your issue.

QuickBooks Support

When your screens pops an error code -6073, -99001, it may be for different reasons. The dialog box for this error will read that it cannot open company file.

The causes of this error

This error may be caused owing to the following causes:

  • You may have opened the file on another computer through the single user version.
  • Your company file is stored in the read-only folder.
  • Your files are hosted on a Linux computer and you have used various credentials to login for accessing your file.
  • The company file has been opened with the use of remote application. Hence, your computer concludes that you are already logged in.

How to fix this error?

You can either visit the QuickBooks Support site or read the article on resolving this error. If you are unable to solve this error then you can contact the support for assistance.

If your file has been opened by another user and you are unable to open the file then you can fix this error by following these steps:

  • First close the QuickBooks software opened in every computer in the company.
  • Access the file from the host computer.
  • In the file menu choose multiuser mode.
  • If you are still facing this error then try restarting your computer.

You can also resolve this error by:

  • Go to the file menu and click close company.
  • Open the file by clicking open or restore option.
  • Click on next.
  • Open the file under multiuser mode.

Where the file is present in the read-only folder, you can:

  • Operate your computer whilst hosting a file.
  • Select your file from the folder
  • Click right on this folder.
  • Chose the Properties and Securities tab
  • Under find out user, having login issues, click on Edit.
  • Choose the Allow option and click Apply.

If you have accessed the computer from other software system then you should:

  • From the bar select Task Manager.
  • On the Process option tab you can find out the present processes related to the desired username.
  • Then reboot your computer.

Use other system software to fix the error

A software, QuickBooks File Doctor can also be used to solve the error. You can use this software in the following situations:

  • When you are unable to get access to your file and an error message is displayed on your screen.
  • Where the software displays H101 or H303 error codes.
  • When the list of your vendors and customers is either missing or blank.
  • The files have been severely damaged and cannot be opened.

You can use the QuickBooks tools for solving the issue in your software. The above solutions will resolve the errors in mostly all cases. If you are unable to solve the error using the above solutions, then you can contact the QuickBooks Support to get a customized answer for your error. It is advised to use the latest version of QuickBooks to get the best service.

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