What is New in QuickBooks 2018?

If you are happy and pleased with latest and advanced accounting solutions, then get ready to cherish the latest arrivals and updates that QuickBooks would bring in 2018. QuickBooks 2018 has arrived and it has power packed with latest updates and amazing features both in the desktop and online versions of QuickBooks. Right from strategic planning to minimize the downtime of QuickBooks software and excellent QuickBooks Support, there are lots of features that are integrated in the QuickBooks 2018 version. Below you will find some of the new features that were integrated in QuickBooks 2018 with the objective to meet the needs of end users.

New Features of QuickBooks 2018

  • Efficiency for doing more in less time
  • Improvise the cash flow
  • Improvise the security
  • Reducing the order fulfillment time with accurate inventory

Get More Done In Less Time

  • Handy Barcode Scanner – You can now enhance accuracy and efficiency with precise and faster fulfilment with handy barcode scanner enabled picking process and it also comes with the ability to communicate through notes. This feature enables the users to track the status of inventory movements in real time.
  • Sales Order Fulfillment Workflow – This is the new feature integrated in QuickBooks 2018 and it gives you access to pick list details on mobile devices which connects to QuickBooks Enterprise wireless. This can be used to check the real time status of sales order fulfillment in QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • Multi-Monitor Support – Now you can increase the productivity of your software by accessing the details on wider screen of your PC or on multiple monitors at once. The QuickBooks 2018 comes with multi monitor support that enables you to access your QuickBooks on multiple monitors. And the dialogues and messages will appear on respective to the monitor to prevent confusion.
  • Merge Vendors – This is the new feature which moves from manual duplicate vendor look-up to leveraging the QuickBooks search and sort tools so as to identify the vendors with ease. It allows you to merge four vendors in place of two.

Improve Cash Flow

  • Past Due Stamp Feature and Payroll Badge Reminder – Now you can get paid quickly by with the help of past due stamp tool so as to tag all the open invoices which are due in past.
  • Payroll Liability Reminder – This is the feature on QBDT which can help you avoid the penalties by identifying he alerts on homepage and also by creating the automated reminder display on the setup of payroll. It will remind you for the payroll liabilities 7 days prior to deadlines.
  • Inventory Report Customization – This is the feature that can customize the data reports from all the inventory stock status, inventory valuation summary and assembly shortage by items.

Enhanced Security

  • Secure Web mail – The new QuickBooks 2018 comes with improved and maintained security system with industry standard Oath 2.0 to send and receive emails.

These were some of the features and latest updates that were integrated in QuickBooks 2018. For more help and assistance you may approach the QuickBooks Enterprise Support team.

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