A Guide to Handy QuickBooks Shortcuts

There are many people who don’t like to take off their hands from the keyboard to use it on mouse as they believe that it simply slows down their work and efficiency to work. So, for such people here are few keyboard shortcuts for Windows Desktop version of QuickBooks which can be used to work efficient and even navigate the programs without interference of mouse. Below is a Guide to Handy QuickBooks Shortcuts which can make your work easier and faster without having to use the mouse. For more assistance and shortcut guidance you may seek help of QuickBooks Support team.

Shortcuts for Editing QuickBooks Transactions and Lists

If you are working on transactions like bill or invoices, then the transactions and detail lines can be manipulated by using the shortcut keys which will definitely work.

  • Ctrl+Del – Deleting the selected detail lines of transactions
  • Ctrl+Ins – Inserting the blank detail line
  • Ctrl+N – Creating a new transaction or item list
  • Ctrl+D – Deleting the present transaction or list item
  • Ctrl+E – Editing the item list or register
  • Ctrl+O – You can copy the check when looking at the check in Write Checks Window
  • F5 – To refresh the list

Shortcuts for Opening QuickBooks Windows and Lists

  • Ctrl+W – It opens the Write Check Window to write the new check
  • Ctrl+Q – It will launch the Quick Report from list items when you choose the item from the list
  • Ctrl+Y – This will open the Transaction Journal for Transaction when viewing the transaction
  • Ctrl+J – It will open the customer centre
  • Ctrl+A – This is open the chart of Accounts
  • Ctrl+I – it will open the window for creating invoice
  • Ctrl+L – It will open a list
  • Ctrl+U – This is open the list from a transaction when you use list item
  • Ctrl+R – All the transactions come with a register and this shortcut opens it
  • Ctrl+G – This shortcut will take you to the register for the transfer account linked with the line you have choosed
  • Ctrl+F – This will open the find window for list or transaction type you are working with
  • Ctrl+F4 – To close the current window

Maneuvering Shortcuts

  • Alt+S – To save the current transaction
  • Alt+N – Save current tarsanction and go to a new one
  • Alt+P – To go to the previous transaction
  • Tab – For going to the next field
  • Shift+Tab – To go to the previous field
  • Ctrl+Page Up – To move to first item in list or register
  • Ctrl+Page Down – To move to last item in list or register
  • Ctrl+Enter –To save current record

Shortcuts for Opening and Closing the QuickBooks

  • Ctrl – To start the QuickBooks without opening any file, this is very helpful when you are having any issue with the last company file that you are using
  • Alt – Starting QuickBooks without all the windows
  • Alt+F4 – To close QuickBooks

These were some of the useful QuickBooks Shortcuts that are applicable for Windows version of QuickBooks. For more assistance and help you may approach the QuickBooks Payroll Support team.

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