Enjoy the New Features in QuickBooks Online: Bundles and Reorder Points

QuickBooks Bundle is basically the number of items that you are able to sell and track with your QuickBooks Online. It can help you create the bundle which is called Garden Fountain Bundle and it comprise of items like Fountain Pump and Trade-wind Fountain. The group items can be sold easily together in a bundle so that you can add up multiple items into the transactions. Crucial notes about bundles:

  • No added markup or change in the price for the bundle. The rates of the bundle is equal to the total price of all its items
  • Up to 50 items can be added into the items of bundles
  • It doesn’t allows the users to track the quantity on hand for the bundles

The Process to Create Bundle within QuickBooks Online

To create Bundle you need to follow the below steps:

  • Click the “Gear” button and then click “Lists” and then Products and Services
  • Now you need to click on “New” tab and create Bundle
  • Now you need to create the name of the Bundle, description, SKU and include the products/services that you want
  • Now you need to choose whether you want to display the bundle items when sending transactions or printing it

Adding Bundle to a Form

  • You need to add the bundle just like other items and click on Create > Invoice to add bundle to the invoice
  • The form will show whether you have selected the show/hide bundle items either “Your Customer will see all the items in the bundle” or “Your Customer won’t see the items in the bundle”.
  • Users are allowed to find the bundles by the SKU or name like other items
  • Once you have added the bundle to the form, you can edit, add and delete items. You can also discount the bundle.

The Inventory Reorder Points

Small business owners need to keep track of the inventory and you being the business owner need to know what are out of stock when customers want to buy them. So, to address this problem Intuit has come forth with a solution and it is known Inventory Reorder Points. This is the feature that enables your business to set minimum quantity for a product to keep on hand. Moreover, when the on-hand quantity of the product reaches the set threshold, the QuickBooks reminds you to order more and easily create the purchase order to restock those items.

QuickBooks has also integrated enhanced inventory filter options and stock displays, reorder item details and customization of physical inventory report. These new integrations will help the business to have the real insight into the inventory levels and cash flow.

Setting Up Reorder Point

  • Click the “Gear” icon and then click Products and Services
  • Find the inventory items in the list
  • In the Action Column click Edit
  • There will be the Reorder Point which you need to enter with minimum quantity that you want to have on hand. When the quantity reduces the set limit or below the reorder point, then QuickBooks will remind you for restocking it
  • Now save and click close.

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