How to Diagnose the common errors in QuickBooks

Soon after the launch of QuickBooks in the year 1990 it has emerged to be the highest rated and popular accounting software solution for the mid sized and small enterprises. This accounting software has efficiently helped enterprises to manage their finances, payrolls, inventory, and sales and also provides multitude of crucial items required for optimal functioning of the business. But like all other applications and software programs, there are some common errors and issues which usually occur with this accounting software. There are QuickBooks Diagnostic Tools available which are free to use and provided by the manufacturer of the QuickBooks software, Inuit.

With the help of this diagnostic tool, the users of QuickBooks can diagnose all the common errors with the network and the company file errors and fix them instantly to keep the software function once again. The diagnostic tool for QuickBooks can fix all the errors with the software by its own and if it finds any irrecoverable error or company file corrupted or damaged, the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool will fix the underlying issues. Since it is a free diagnostic tool, you can download the tool online from the official website of Intuit.

When The Diagnostic Tool – QuickBooks File Doctor Must be Used?

The QuickBooks File Doctor is the diagnostic tool which can be used to diagnose multiple errors within the software, but not limited to:

  • Company Files Errors – The company file errors are the most common error within the software and it is very complex to solve the company file errors. These are the serious threat to the company file and data. The error series starts from error code 6000 and it is the most commonly encountered company file errors. The reasons for such errors can be disparate and hence it is difficult to identify, even by this tool.
  •  Network Errors – Network error within the software can arise when the internet connection malfunctions or the IP address is blocked. The error code H101, H202, H505, H303 is the common network error code in QuickBooks software.

Company File Errors:-

The company file error within the software is the direct threat to the accounting data and files of the company. You need to have backup for all the stored data. You can only run the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool after creating a data of all the company files. Before you install the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool ensure that you system is equipped with .NET framework 3.5.

Network Errors:-

The malfunctioning internet connection and complications with the IP address are the most common underlying causes of network errors in QuickBooks. However, with the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool, you can diagnose the main underlying cause of network errors and fix it with ease.

Steps to Diagnose and Fix Common Errors with QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

  • Launch the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool
  • Hit the browse and choose the company file and click the scan button
  • Now go back and click on Both File Damage and Network Connectivity. The diagnostic tool will first scan the software to find the network error and again it will scan the company file to find the error within the company files.
  • Select Workstation or Server

Once it is done, the diagnostic tool will fix all the errors. If you are not resolved it, dial QuickBooks Support toll-free number 1-877-690-7074 for instant support.

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